“The ending will leave you reeling, long after you turn the final page. Absolutely fantastic.” 

Melanie Calvert is the author of Freycinet, a novel, and the true crime account Tasmania’s Beaumaris Beach Mystery: What Happened to Nancy and Victoria?

Freycinet cover

Freycinet is about obsession, love and cruel murder in the Tasmanian wilderness.

In Freycinet (pronounced Frey-sin-ay), Ginny O’Byrne is enchanted but also strangely horrified by the looming peaks of the Hazards mountains as she and her fiancé, Julian, arrive at Freycinet National Park.  Ginny is even more frightened when she begins to experience gory, clairvoyant visions of two murdered young women. The next morning two women have disappeared into the untamed Tasmanian wilds. Within 24 hours, Ginny will be part of a massive Search and Rescue mission, surrounded by people who may in fact be responsible for the murder of the missing women, tormented by her gruesome visions, and embroiled in an eerie atmosphere that is becoming increasingly threatening.

picture of coverTasmania’s Beaumaris Beach Mystery – What Happened to Nancy and Victoria?

The mystery of what happened to 26-year-old German tourist Nancy Grunwaldt and 20-year-old Italian tourist Victoria Cafasso remains unsolved two decades later. Nancy disappeared without trace and Victoria was found brutally murdered, stabbed over forty times, on Beaumaris’ lonely but beautiful beach. ‘Tasmania’s Beaumaris Beach Mystery’ reveals previously unrecorded details of these cases and potentially explosive revelations about the two young tourists’ fates in an attempt to answer: What happened to Nancy and Victoria?

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  1. I have just read this book from cover to cover, I could not put it down. It had me on a roller coaster ride from the very beginning. A great setting with a facimating ending.
    A must read for all that enjoy a good mystery with a twist at the end.

  2. My goodness Melanie – This is the best read I have had for a long time! I, like so many other readers, just couldn’t put the book down! You painted the pictures with your words so clearly I could feel myself right back down there to the mysterious coastline I love so much. Your description and narrative of the Indigenous experience was written with so much passion and respect – while the gripping twists and changed stimulated my mind. Thank you and I can’t wait to read more and more of your work. Susie J Fairystar 🙂

    • Thank you, Susie! I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my book and to leave your lovely comments. It really brightens my world (and makes me all teary!) All the best, Melanie.

  3. Hi Mel, Congratulations! I’ve just finished reading your book by the fireside, having bought a copy in downtown Devonport for Peter for his Christmas present, and I must say it’s been a most excellent, “gripping read” all the way through. What a rare and exceptional talent you have for story-telling! So of course Peter will be receiving it second-hand now (complete with my coffee-stains and some thoughtfully turned pages), but rest assured I won’t spoil the hair-raising surprise-ending for him. I’ve also ordered a copy for David H. in Melbourne, as I know he’ll enjoy it too. Do keep up your creative writing, Mel. I have no doubt all your family and friends in Tasmania will be psychoanalysing this unusual murder mystery for many years! John R.Wilson, Daisy Dell.

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